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Welcome to GKO IT Services. We are a UK based, Global provider of IT hardware and services, specializing in the trade of used/refurbished enterprise level Networking, Servers & Storage equipment. We can supply, buy, lease and support equipment from all major manufacturers. We are vendor (OEM) neutral, which means we are able to offer clients best of breed solutions from a range of major OEMs without being tied to any particular one, which in turn offers superior cost savings for your IT hardware projects. Although based in the UK, we have Global reach and more than 15 years of experience trading in the secondary IT sphere, with deep market knowledge and unparalleled contacts around the world. Buying EOL/EOS equipment back from clients is a major part of the company offering and we can do this with minimal fuss whilst adhering to all local data security laws. Please give us a call today to find out more: +44 (0)330 221 0526.

Welcome to GKO IT Services

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